Civil Service FC 4 6 Belmont Wanderers
25th August 2018
Victoria Park




What Went Well:

• Throughout the first 10 minutes we played some good football by distributing the ball well and we deserved the 1-0 lead.

• Thanks goes to those players who rallied round to try and recruit additional players in order to field a team, due to 15 players being unavailable to play.

• It was encouraging to see the player’s determination in working hard in the second half to score 3 goals over a 15 minute period in order to get back into the game. The goals came about as a result of starting to play the football that we began playing in the first half and subsequently seeing the confidence grow throughout the team as a result of using their capabilities and quickly seeing the results of their efforts.

What Could Have Been Better:

• After taking the lead we started to lose our composure on the ball.

• As we were not marking tight and not challenging strongly in tackles we allowed the opposition to be dominant in challenges and pass and move with relative ease.

• When we regained possession and transitioned into attack we stopped providing options for making the short pass forcing us to take the long ball option. Having then lost possession, this put pressure on ourselves.

• With the opposition scoring a few quick goals during the first half, I had to revert to a 4-5-1 formation to try and address the opposition’s dominance across the middle.

• We allowed the opposition to do exactly what we excelled in the previous game which was passing and movement and communicating.

Action Points To Work On In Trg & Future Matches:

• Confidence in possession.

• Providing passing options.

• Determination when challenging.

• Improve communication.

Man of the Match: N/A


Simon Chapman
Mark Nottingham
Chris Gaywood